Editorial Process and Content Integrity

FreePlayPokies is on a mission to share only the best and most accurate information through our content. We break down trends, news & polish relatable nuggets into diamonds for you!
We go about achieving this goal by only including reliable sources in our content, tasking ourselves with providing users with actionable advice.

Our goal

We live in a world where we can’t go one day without learning about something new. It’s just the way that information is consumed, and our site is here to help you get up-to-date with what matters most! We’re passionate experts on all things related to video games, whether it be reviews or guide for players of any level.

Our goal? To make sure YOU have access to comprehensive articles that cover everything from beginner tutorials through advanced strategies so there’s no need for guesswork when building your gaming skillset.

What goes into content

We strive to be the most relevant and accurate. We use our vast network of sources, experts, journalists, data from primary documents like market reports or government records for fact checking purposes as well as evaluating writers who provide their own perspective with regard to journalistic standards we’ve set out in the past few years such as sourcing original content.

Teaming up with the best gambling experts

At FreePlayPokies, we work with top gaming writers and recruit them from every corner of the world. We encourage our team to be inventive in their writing styles so that they can convey as many different perspectives on gambling-related topics across all ends of society.

At FreePlayPokies, we are always looking to expand into new markets by recruiting a diverse range of talent who each have unique experiences relevant to the topic at hand. To maintain our goal for equity among all content creators within this company, everyone is encouraged express themselves through creative means like innovative word choice or font style!

Using original references, sources, and citations

We focus on primary research (peer-reviewed studies or interviews with experts) as well as secondary data from reputable institutions like government agencies, gaming associations – anything that can be considered objective in nature.

The sources we use are the best in their field. The content is thoroughly researched and vetted to ensure it’s from a recent, authoritative source that provides objective information – not biased opinions or personal opinion. We encourage you to make an informed decision based on our unbiased research, instead of relying solely on hearsay!

Content Integrity

We work hard to create content that is faithful and accurate. We set strict standards around how we choose topics, games, casinos, evaluate partners, use language as well as the process for creating it all in order to maintain integrity within our ever-evolving industry.

Content creation

We are committed to bringing you the best gaming information possible. Our in-house editorial team researches and writes all content, partnering with experts such as reviewers and fact checkers to ensure that everything is accurate. As a curious reader of our pieces, we’re excited for you get an insider’s look into how much time and effort goes into each article!

The FreePlayPokies Team commits itself solely to delivering unbiased gambling news through its website where it provides readers with up-to-date articles detailing current events within the industry including reviews on new game releases, player updates about casino promos.

Equity and inclusion

We are committed to amplifying a wide range of voices, identities, and perspectives. Our content will reflect the diversity we see in our everyday world!

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