Responsible Gaming

How to understand gambling and how to play it responsibly 

How to gamble responsibly 

Here are a few key tips to help you play responsibly.

  • treat gambling as a form of fun rather than a means of income- some people make a living as professional gamblers, but they are few and far between;
  • never bet beyond your means- only investment for a fixed amount of money that you can afford to risk. Never bet on the money you need for rent, bills, food or other necessities;
  • bet 1% of your bankroll at a time- it lets certain people set up a bankroll for the season. Then increase your stakes gradually if you make an overall profit, or decrease it if you’re down;
  • set a cash cap in advance- if you’re going to race or hit a casino, make sure you’re spending money you can afford to lose. if you make a profit, that’s fine. But don’t surpass the pre-determined number if there’s no luck on your hand;
  • always chase your losses- this can lead you to behave irrationally and suffer larger losses; 
  • seek to take daily breaks from gambling- if you lose, walk out, evaluate what went wrong, re-aggregate and come back with a calm mind. You can lose focus if you play on an continuing basis, so breaks are key;
  • don’t bet while you’re drunk- this will adversely affect your judgement and hinder your ability to make rational decisions;
  • don’t bet when you’re sad, frustrated, or mad-this will also adversely impact your ability to make simple choices;
  • seek to gamble from a scientific position. Learn facts about the sport you’re wagering on, and make an informed guess. Whether you’re playing slots or table games, build up a comprehensive knowledge of how the game works;
  • don’t let gambling mess with your day-to-day responsibilities- never miss jobs, and don’t let it interfere with your relationships and family life. 
  • make sure gambling isn’t the only passion or hobby you have;
  • keep track of the time and money spent- use diaries and bet trackers to keep track of the time and money spent on gambling;
  • get assistance if you feel that gaming has become a problem- there are a range of online services that you can use for support, including begambleaware, gamblers anonymous, Safer Gambling, Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ

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