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In ancient Greece, the Gods were always competing against each other. This was an age where one’s status in society determined how much power they had and what their role was. The Gods would often play games to determine who ruled over a particular domain, such as Zeus versus Poseidon for rulership of the sky or Hades versus Persephone for rulership of the Underworld.
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The ancient Greeks have had a lasting impact on our society and continue to hold an important place in the world today. From their accomplishments of democracy, art, architecture—even philosophy–to their legacy that continues into modern times through language borrowings like “symposium” or even some words we use every day like “democracy,” it’s hard not to be fascinated by this culture with so much wisdom and knowledge for us all!

In the Odyssey, Homer tells of how Odysseus journeyed to Elysium. The Greeks believed that when they died, their souls would go to an afterlife in which there was no pain or suffering where everything is perfect and everyone who has ever lived can spend eternity with one another. This concept became known as Greek Mythology’s most famous paradise: Elysium. However, many do not realize what this means for those left behind on earth; if life continues after death without any consequences then it renders all human efforts useless because nothing will matter anymore! One might ask themselves “why bother” these days? In order to get a sense of understanding into why people from ancient times were so meticulous about living well today we need only think back

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